I have been a patient of Darboy Family Chiropractic since Dr. Blue opened his practice here. He not only has kept me going through years of back issues, he helped us diagnose our daughter's scoliosis, when her pediatrician missed it 3 times. I will always be grateful for all he does and would recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic help.

    Teri P.

    I've been seeing Dr. Blue from the first time he opened his office in Darboy. I had back problems since high school and under his care I've been able to stay active throughout my life. Now both my husband and I see him once a month and when my daughter knows she'll be back to town she makes an appointment with Dr. Blue. "He is just better than other chiropractors I've seen." she says.

    Lori S,

    Dr. Blue is awesome. I’ve been seeing him for eight years and he has been awesome with keeping my back problems under control.

    Ken M.

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Blue for 5+ years and he always takes excellent care of me and any issues that occur from my job or everyday life. I’m very thankful to have him as my chiropractor and highly recommend him to anyone!!

    Amy L.

    Dr blue is a great man who truly cares about your health and well-being. Thanks to his accurate diagnosis and precision adjustments my back and health stays in great shape.I just would like to thank Dr blue for taking care of me. I would highly recommend Dr. Blue for all your chiropractic needs.

    Philip L.

    I'm a new patient of Dr. Blue. I had not been to a chiropractor in many years, but I was hurting so bad I checked the internet for recommendations and found Darboy Family Chiropractic had great recommendations. I immediately called him and even though it was after 5 he said I should come right in. He relieved my pain after only a couple of treatments. I am now another one of those that highly recommend Dr. Blue.

    Judy S.

    Dr. Blue has been working with me for years! He has helped me with my lower back pain and hip pain. He is always very flexible with scheduling and working with my teaching schedule. And his new technique for icing and heating body parts is amazing!

    Hannah E.

    Dr. Blue he has helped me with back and shoulder pain after I fell on the ice. He has a great personality. He got me in the next day after I called. He will make a big difference in your life. Thanks Dr. Blue🙂

    Lisa Ann H.

    Dr Blue has been wonderful. I had been having lots of back pain and in the past year he has helped me alot.He is very flexible and does an amazing job.

    Debbie Van T.

    I have seen several other chiropractors in the area, but Dr.Blue really takes it a step up! He is quick and efficient, but never rushes. He has phenomenal knowledge and experience. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

    Courtney W.

    I needed a change in chiropractors, so I did some searching and made an appointment with Dr Blue. Glad I did. Dr Blue didn’t just give you an adjustment and send you out the door. There was some therapy involved and sent me home with some homework. He also has a reflex table. Glad I made the move.

    Bill J.

    Dr. Blue does great work. The best part is he is direct, to the point, and quick. If you want someone to hand hold you then go find a different chiropractor. A standard adjustment session plus therapy is under 30 minutes. I was neglecting my back and neck pain for years. Glad he was able to get me back on track.

    Ray M.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Blues since he opened his business. I worked in Law Enforcement for 30 years. Over that period of time, I wore equipment that weighed a total of 23 pounds everyday. Dr. Blue kept me in shape all those years and yet today, he has just the knack of keeping me straight and level.
    I was born, raised, worked and retired in the Valley. I've had other Chiropractors, none compare to Dr. Blue.
    A master at his craft that you will come to learn and appreciate.

    Lynn V.

    Dr. Blue is one of a kind! Over 10 years of being my chiropractor and I've never ever had an issue getting an appointment. He's flexible, reliable, and fixes the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. He's the best!!

    Cara S.

    Darboy family chiropractic is a great place to go to feel great. I went into Dr. Blues office in really bad shape and within no time Dr. Blue had me feeling better. Now with routine visits I can function normally at work and enjoy gardening and yard work in the summer. My neck, shoulders and hips are feeling great. Dr. Blue gets you in and out fast and he is a pleasure to deal with.

    Carrie K.

    I recently started going to see Dr. Blue about a knee problem. I snapped something in my left knee in 1976. 2 surgeries later gave me no results. The surgeon had no idea what was wrong. It has hurt non-stop ever since. Toss and turn every night trying to get to sleep. The pain came mainly from the inside of my left knee. A friend told me about Dr. Blue, so I went. After 1 session, there was about a 30% decrease in the pain. Couldn't believe it. After session 2, the tender, sore part on the knee had vanished! I had 2 more sessions. It continued to get better. I stopped going for now because now I have to treat it with moist heat packs. If that does the trick, I won't be going back. If I need to go back for a follow-up or two, I will. I wish I had met him a few decades ago!

    Kirk A.

    Excellent guy! Knows his stuff would recommend to anyone who has back, neck, shoulder or any issues. Do your homework and he will get you feeling better.

    Abby S.

    Dr. Blue came highly recommended to me, from a coworker who has tried many chiropractors in the area. I wish I would have found him years ago! After one appointment I felt a world of difference. No daily tension headaches, tight shoulders, and every other daily pain I had been experiencing, for far too long. I've already recommended him to more coworkers and friends.

    Brook G.

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