Dry Needling

WHAT IS DRY NEEDLING? Dry Needling is extremely beneficial for acute and chronic pain that restricts soft tissue flexibility and joint function. Dry Needling utilizes a thin needle to penetrate the skin, fascia, and muscle adhesions, herniated trigger points, and connective tissue. Dry Needling provides a rapid release of the taut muscular/facial bands thus decreasing tightness, restoring blood flow, and reducing pain. Most patients feel relief after one treatment.

WHAT IS A HERNIATED TRIGGER POINT? A tight, tender spot in the muscle/facia that causes misalignment of muscle fibers (And others) restricting the inability for a muscle to stretch that then
restricts oxygenated blood flow inhibiting cell nutrition. A trigger point can also weaken muscles and compress nerves.

IS DRY NEEDLING PAINFUL? Typically, it is not. A very mild prick may be felt but it most cases nothing is felt at all. Sensitivity depends on the area with the bottom of the foot being the most sensitive. Dry Needling most areas is painless. 

IS DRY NEEDLING MORE EFFECTIVE THAN MASSAGE? Dry Needling is more effective in providing
long- term relief and complete resolution in many cases where massage can be more of a temporary relief response. 

HOW QUICKLY IS RELIEF EXPERIENCED? In many cases an immediate reduction in pain and improved joint range of motion is experienced. Maximum effect is experienced 24 hours post-treatment. 

ARE THERE SIDE EFFECTS? Mild muscle soreness is possible. Bruising is not common but possible in some patients. Drinking water, heating, and stretching minimizes the duration of any of these issues. 


HEADACHES                                                                                                                 ACHILLES PAIN
NECK/UPPER SPINAL MUSCULAR PAIN                                                                 ANKLE SPRAINS
LOW BACK PAIN                                                                                                      MUSCLE STRAINS
KNEE PAIN                                                                                                             PLANTAR FASCIITIS
SHOULDER PAIN (Rotator Cuff, Capsulitis, Impingement, Strains)                                    HIP PAIN
TENNIS AND GOLFERS ELBOW PAIN                                                                                KNEE PAIN
MANY SPORTS RELATED INJURIES  IT                                                                 BAND SYNDROME

I got certified in Dry Needling because I have received this treatment myself on both shoulders limiting my quality of life for over a year including my sleep. 
I was in disbelief how much relief I experienced immediately after one treatment allowing me to sleep with significantly less discomfort and increased my ability to do more activities with much less discomfort.  

I strongly recommend that you try dry needling at least once to see for yourself! 

If you have any questions regarding this treatment, please contact my office so I may answer any questions that you may have 

- Dr. Blue

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