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When you need chiropractic care from an experienced and affordable provider, visit Darboy Family Chiropractic. You'll enjoy lower prices on the services you need, and we'll work to resolve your condition in the fewest number of treatments. We do not believe in long treatment plans: rather, our goal is to get you feeling your best faster while providing preventive care and patient education.

If Dr. Blue feels that chiropractic care will not resolve your issue, he will explain alternative treatment options available to best treat your condition.

Are you ready to effectively relieve your pain and get back to what you love doing? Make an appointment with Dr. Blue at Darboy Family Chiropractic today. We know your time is important, so we never overbook: your wait time will always be minimized.

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"Dr Blue is a great chiropractor!!! Gets you feeling better quickly!!!! I would definitely recommend Dr Blue!!!!" - Lori Velie Pieper